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The South Eastern Seaboard

North Carolina
1. Charlotte, NC / Rock Hill, SC
2. Greensboro / W. Salem
3. Greenville / New Bern / Jacksonville
4. Raleigh / Durham / Fayetteville
5. Wilmington

South Carolina
6. Charleston
7. Columbia
8. Greenville / Spartanburg / Asheville, NC
9. Myrtle Beach / Florence

10. Birmingham / Tuscaloosa
11. Huntsville / Florence
12. Montgomery / Mobile

13. Jacksonville / Tampa / Orlando

14. Atlanta (N. Georgia (Atlanta))
15. Augusta
16. Columbus / Macon
17. Savannah / Hilton Head

18. Chattanooga
19. Knoxville
20. Memphis / Arkansas
21. Nashville

22. Tri-Cities (Kingsport / Johnson City, TN) – (Bristol, VA)
23. Norfolk / V. Beach / N. News
24. Richmond / Charlottesville
25. Roanoke / Lynchburg
26. Winchester (Washington DC)

West Virginia
27. Beckley / Bluefield
28. Clarksburg / Charleston

Missouri / Kentucky / N.W. Tennessee
29. Cape Girardeau / Paducah / Union City

North –Eastern Seaboard
30. PA / MD / NY / NJ / N. England

National / Global
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Been divorced for almost 5yrs now. My advice, SOLO TRAVEL!! Find yourself and get your identity back, that's the hardest part. Finding out who you are once again. Don't bother with the dating game right away cause it sucks anyway. Give yourself some alone time to heal. One day at a time. You'll find your happiness again ❤ ... See MoreSee Less

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Here's a message we just received from someone about their concern for Ace... "I don’t want this to sound dramatic but I am very worried about Ace. I have felt for a long time that something was wrong with him. He has too many anger issues for someone who seems so sensitive and wiling to help others. I listen to Ace At Large every week and he gives such great advice and is so inspiring at the end each week but you can hear the sadness in his voice. Now that I know he’s divorced and has kept that hidden from us it all makes sense. Then he says he doesn’t want to ever be in a relationship again I feel like he’s on a very bad path. There is a sadness to his laughter and he seems to have decided that he’s going to stay in a sad place for the rest of his life. For someone to be so outgoing on the show he seems very sad in his private life. All the signs point to an emotional breakdown or a heart attack. Either way it’s a bad conclusion for someone who has done so much to try and entertain so many people. I hope he can wake up and overcome his sadness and issues that cause him mental troubles. I don’t mean to be mean but I do hope this is a wake up call for him to try and live a happy life." Do you have any advice you'd like to give to Ace? Get it out NOW and let's be done with it! ... See MoreSee Less

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I'd want TJ as my sibling- he'd be hard on a little sister but you'd have some serious fun! Least- sorry Gwynn but I'd bet you were a little tattle-tale! ... See MoreSee Less

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The Gamecocks are God's choice! #tjisalwaysright ... See MoreSee Less

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Children often feel closer to their pets than their brothers or sisters, according to a study. The reason? Pets offer unconditional love and ask for little in return, while sibling relationships are often plagued with jealousy, competition and drama. Which show member would make the BEST and WORST sibling? ... See MoreSee Less

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