Let Ace & TJ connect your business with nearly 1,000,000 listeners every month!

If there is one thing Ace & TJ are known for its their loyal Radio Family and now you can reach them for less than a penny per listener, per show!

Almost every ad you hear is from a client that’s been with the show for months or even years. Why?

Because we don’t just run traditional spots, but we incorporate every client directly into each broadcast essentially making them part of the show!
Plus, the connection to the Radio Family yields business and with consecutive growth every month for the past 4 years it continues to exceed client expectations!

With Podcasting becoming media’s fastest growing, high demand advertising outlet it’s easier than ever to get your message heard by consumers who know and trust Ace & TJ and the brands they endorse.

On October 1, 2018, 2019 package rates will double so now’s the time to act!

Call or email Tracey, our VP of Community Relations: 917 974 7783 | for more information.


We’re connecting over 100,000 businesses with nearly 1,000,000 listeners via our new Radio Family Network. It’s free to join and you’ll receive instant opportunities to have other Radio Family members know who you are and why they should know about your business.