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Breaking & Entering Christmas 2017

We are looking for families that need help this Christmas Season…

It’s time for Ace & TJ’s Breaking and Entering Christmas!


 Each year, our band of Merry Hoodlum Elves select families that need an extra hand around the holidays and deliver gifts and other surprises.

 Keep in mind that Ace & TJ’s Breaking & Entering Christmas is designed for families within listening areas of the Ace & TJ Show.  Also, please keep in mind that this is about bringing Christmas to children who truly deserve to have a story-book Christmas morning.

 To NOMINATE a family, please continue to information below.

 To DONATE to Breaking & Entering Christmas, please continue reading CAREFULLY.

* Checks should be made payable to “Radio Family Charity.”  Other suitable donations include gift cards (grocery stores, restaurants, clothing stores, and just about any family-friendly retail store like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc).

* To donate, please mail any donations and/or gift cards to: Ace & TJ Show, 801 Wood Ridge Center Drive, Charlotte NC 28217. For additional information on making donations please contact Tracey at


Simply send an email to and be sure include the information listed below! Once the nomination process ends we will begin to sort through each entry.


Your Name

Your Relationship To The Family You Are Nominating

Your E-Mail Address

Your Home Phone Number

Your Cell Phone Number

Your City, State & Zip Code

Your Birth Date

Name Of The Family You Are Nominating

Nominated Parents Names

Names, Ages And Gender Of Children Being Nominated

Nominated Family’s Street Address

Nominated Family’S City State And Zip

Does This Family Have Pets In The Home?

Information On The Family & Why They Need Help This Christmas (Take As Much Space As You Need To Fully Tell Us Their Story)

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