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The Ace & TJ Radio Family Network

We’re connecting over 100,000 businesses with near 1,000,000 listeners with our new Radio Family Network. It’s free to join and you’ll receive instant opportunities to have other radio family members know who you are and why they should know about your business.

SIGN UP HERE if you are not yet a Radio Family Network business.

Once you are a part of the network:

        1. Your company logo will be on a page at with a link to your site – FREE!
        1. ALL advertising for RFN members is instant 20% off (click here for rates)
        1. We’ll pay YOU 15% sales commissions when new, paid business comes from a lead you generate for us (email leads to
        1. (coming soon) RFN companies will have access to our local disaster relief & community improvement charity
        1. (coming soon) Weekly newsletters will be sharing our favorite radio family businesses
        1. (coming soon) We plan to gather RFN members for coffee and cast member networking

Please email our manager ADAM with any thoughts about ways this network can help our radio family members working on increasing customers for their business’.

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