Applications Accepted: Monday, January 20th – Wednesday, January 31st

Proposal on air: Monday, February 3rd – Friday, February 14th

Reveal: Friday, February 14th

Applicants will have the above stated time to tell us about their significant other, why they want to marry her, what their relationship has been like, why this is the time to propose, etc. We will then select one person to be the Mystery Proposer. The Proposer will come to the station (or go to proper affiliate station) and we will record him talking about the woman to whom he wants to propose. We will select pieces of that discussion and alter the voice to make it unrecognizable.

Beginning Monday, February 3rd at different times throughout each show, we will play back his altered clips discussing the woman. If she hears it and guesses it’s her then we tell her. If it’s not her we tell her. Each time we play back the proposer, women who think it’s their boyfriend must call us to ask if it’s him.

On the final day (Friday the 14th) if the Mystery Proposer has not been identified then he will propose live on the radio between 8:20 eastern and 8:50a eastern. I will go with him live to set up the proposal and commentate.