Anonymous Proposer

Applications Accepted: Monday, January 25th – Friday, January 29th

Proposal on air: Monday, February 8th – Thursday, February 12th

We will select one person from all the entries to be the Anonymous Proposer. The “Proposer” will be interviewed by the Ace and TJ Show (over the phone) during the week of February 2-5.

During the week of February 8-12 (at various times each day) we will play snippets of the interview on the radio with the Proposers voice altered.

If the Proposer’s significant other hears the clips and calls the show to identify the Proposer we will tell her whether she is right or wrong. If she is wrong we tell her on the radio that she is wrong.

If the proposer is correct we will get her significant other on the phone and the Proposer will propose live on the Ace and TJ Show.

If no one has guessed correctly after Thursday’s show, we will have the Proposer surprise the significant other live Friday morning on the Ace and TJ Show with a proposal.