Grin Kids - The 500

You are now part of THE 500 and part of a special group of people we want to thank so much!

Expect some special invites and thank you’s coming your way in the coming months.

If you have anyone you want to help make part of becoming a member of THE 500, please send them this link as we would love to welcome them!

On behalf of Ace and TJ, Grin Kids Board of Directors, and all of the children and families we serve, I would like to THANK YOU for generous donation and supporting The Grin Kids 500. We cherish your commitment to supporting us!

Your generosity will help provide another group of special needs children to visit Walt Disney World. Our Grin Kids not only have special medical needs, but financial strains as well. The money raised throughout the year affords each chosen family the experience of an “all-expense paid, once in a lifetime, dream vacation to Disney World”.

Our next trip to Walt Disney World is scheduled for January 2022 and we will be celebrating our 21st year of Magic!

Ace & TJ’s Grin Kids is a 501(c)(3) Charity and our tax id# for reporting purposes is: 56-2229927

Thanks again for your generosity and support!

Liana Grier
Executive Director
Ace & TJ’s Grin Kids
16630 Northcross Drive Suite 103
Huntersville, NC 28068