What is Ace & TJ Prime?

It’s a new subscription service offered by The Ace & TJ Show! You’ll get exclusive content not available on other platforms. It includes commercial-free video and audio, invitations to special events, and so much more!

Do I have to pay for Ace & TJ Prime?

No! Ace & TJ Prime is a free subscription. However, we do offer another service called “Ace & TJ Prime Plus” which offers more of The Ace & TJ Show than ever before. Exclusive content that isn’t offered anywhere else. If you’re an “Ace & TJ Superfan” then Prime Plus is perfect for you!

What is Ace TJ Prime Rewards?

It’s our new system that rewards YOU for doing things you already enjoy! Commenting on social media posts from The Ace & TJ Show. Attending a special Ace & TJ Live Event. Following the show on TikTok. Do any of those things and you’ll be rewarded with Ace & TJ merchandise, free tickets to upcoming events, personalized video messages, and much more!

Do The Reward Points expire?

No! Keep collecting points for as long as you’re an Ace & TJ Prime member.

What is Ace TJ Prime Plus?

Details coming soon